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Soy candles


    100% natural aroma candle

Our candles are handmade in New Zealand with the most natural and chemical free ingredients we can find.
Our fragrances are made locally by a perfume company with over 50 years experience in fragrance design. Each fragrance is of the highest quality and will develope to become even more beautiful whilst burning.
We use pure cotton wicks with no paper or lead, which means cleaner burning and the absence of health risks associated with airborne lead.
Our plant waxes are GMO free and sourced from regions that are not involved in the destruction of forests or harming of wildlife. We source locally first, then from socially sustainable companies where fair trade is practiced.
We strive to ensure our soy candles are amoung the highest quality and best value in the world.

All components of our soy wax are 100% from the soy plant itself. Produced by a family business committed to sustainable farming, no GMO materials and kosher manufacturing (nothing else is produced in the vicinity).
This elegant, simplistic sandstone glassware, comes in two styles and three sizes to fit from the smallest bathroom or bedside surface to the grandest dinner table or entrance-way.


home>our products>soy candles


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