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Anti-aging serum recipe

Rosehip oil is said to have very good regenerative, restructuring, softening, moisturizing and firming properties. It also contains healing compounds and is often recommended for scars, minor wounds, burns, eczema and spots.


Rosehip oil 10ml
Vitamin e oil 6drops
Rosewood essential oil 2 to 3drops


Add vitamin e and rosewood essential oil into the rosehip oil.

Vitamin e oil has good moisturizing and smoothing properties.

Rosewood oil helps to balance dull, dry, oily and matured skin.


Mix it well.

Apply 3-5 drops and massage gently on face using circular motion and taking care to avoid the eye area.
These oils are traditionally known to assist with sun damaged skin, scarring and sun protection and can be used morning and night under your moisturiser .

Shelf life: Users can expect a shelf life of approx 6 month with proper storage conditions (cool and out of direct sunlight).


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home>skincare recipes>anti-aging serum


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