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Ultra gentle sunscreen cream recipe

たっぷり家族で使える日焼止めクリームThis formula is suitable for sensitive skincare. Expected spf20.

Ingredients (makes approx 70ml)
Lavender water or purified water 30ml
Jojoba pure oil 25ml
Micro titanium dioxide 10ml
Emulsifying wax vegetable based 5ml
Vitamin E oil 10drops
Lavender essential oil 10 to 20drops
Herbal extract (Preservative) 1ml (add as optional)
Pump bottle


Heat lavender water(purified water) gently in a saucepan. Do not allow to boil. Bring to about 70 degrees.

In the another saucepan, use the double boiler method. Put the emulsifying wax, jojoba pure oil and micro titanium  dioxide. Heat it up till emulsifying wax to melt.


Once emulsifying wax is melted, stirring continuously until combined and bring to about 70 degrees.


Add lavender water (purified water)  to the oil mixture and beat steadily until become creamy.


Add lavender essential oil and herbal extract.
Mix thoroughly.


Place the cream into a pump bottle.

Shelf life: Users can expect a shelf life of approx 2 weeks with in the fridge. With herbal extract, shelf life will be approx 6months with proper storage condition (cool and out of direct sunlight).



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home>skincare recipes>ultra gentle sunscreen  cream


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